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Questionnaires will be sent to respondents through registered mail to ensure that respondents receive questionnaires with minimum doubt without having to spend any money when forwarding back the results. Mail surveys in this case would be much cheaper compared to telephone surveys one-on-one interview and other methodologies. A random sample of clients will be used for the purpose of the study. The organization has a relatively wide customer base some of which are corporate bodies. Canopy Technical services Limited has been in operation for the last ten years and enjoys the benefit of experience compared to its main competitors.

New equipments in effect are more efficient and cost effective but demand high initial capital input.

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Such expenditures should be delayed as much as practicably possible with. The company has noted that level of customer satisfaction plays a vital role in relation to the revenue the company generates annually. Literature Review Practically all business organizations are faced with the task of measuring success.

One means of achieving this is through the use of balance sheets. This means of measuring success however gives delayed results which could be detrimental especially when the business is taking a downward trend. An alternative and more proactive means of measuring success is through analyzing what the customer has to say concerning the business and its products Steiner Marketing Across the world businesses are both interested in achieving customer loyalty and expanding the customer base which in turn translates into higher profitability for the firm.

Cooper and Schindler, Customer satisfaction is one of the most reliable key performance indicators and forms one of the dimensions of a balanced business scoreboard. Customer satisfaction largely depends on several physical and psychological variables which are correlated with satisfaction behaviors. It is also noted that employee satisfaction is correlated with customer satisfaction and hence it can be used to gauge employee satisfaction levels.

Satisfaction being a psychological state, care needs to be taken when determining its quantitative values.

Customer Satisfaction Research Proposal | Customer Satisfaction | Marketing

According to research carried out in the past, satisfaction domains include: environment, value, front line service, quality, timeliness, ease of access, efficiency, inter-departmental teamwork, commitment to the innovation and customer Nigel, Brierley, MacDougall, Benefits of Customer Satisfaction It is notable that satisfied customers bring new business through personal advertising on top of repeat business.

Satisfied customers also prove to be much more immune to actions of competitors and assure a stable environment to the business.

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Research Research about customer satisfaction may help the organization in several ways as listed below Steiner Marketing, Information yielded from the research helps to: i. Make better plans for marketing and sales among others ii. Maintain and possibly increase company customer base iv. Amend competitive strategies vii. Say we want to improve the experience for marketing executives on a given product. We start by only looking at their feedback and we go through an exercise to understand, itemize, and rank those comments in order.

Of course, you might not see an immediate increase in your scores when you start making improvements, but if you collect solid data and trust in the process, your scores will improve over timeā€”and your satisfied customers will ultimately drive your success. Editor's note: we added the following section to Michael's original article to help you get started with your customer satisfaction surveys.

User personas are semi-fictional characters based on real data about the people who use your website. Getting to know your users will help you stay on top of the market by giving them what they want. Market research is a collection of techniques used to understand your target market.

Good research identifies customer needs, fears, drives, and frustrations. You can use this information to design better products and improve the customer experience.

Hotjar Heatmaps are a visual representation of user behavior that shows where users click, tap, and scroll. Hotjar Session recordings can show the anonymous activity of individual users, which you can tie to their survey answers. Have you ever used customer satisfaction surveys to better understand your market? Tell us what you learned and how you used the data to improve your business. Michael Redbord built HubSpot's support and service teams, working with customers for over 8 years.

Now, he is the General Manager of HubSpot's newest product line, Service Hub, where he takes learnings from his experience to help HubSpot customers grow better with exceptional service. Blog Improve your user experience by listening to your customers. You have to ask!

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What is a customer satisfaction survey? Example How likely are you to recommend [product name] to a friend or colleague?

Free research proposal on customer satisfaction

Example Did customer support help you find the solution you were looking for today? Example Which of the following bests describes you? Example How helpful do you find our video tutorials? If so, what?

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How could we improve? How likely are you to recommend [product name] to a friend or colleague? How could we improve your experience with [Company Name]? Do you have anything else to add? Please describe yourself in sentences.

Research Proposal On Customer satisfaction In Apple retail store In The United Kingdom

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How To Measure Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty

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