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  1. Thesis Theme Review: Pros & Cons of Thesis Framework
  2. 1) Begin with adding the code to add the custom post type
  3. WordPress Tutorial Change Page Title in Thesis - Edit Custom Page Title - October Marketing
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You will want to initially visit the Thesis Options Section. In WordPress 2. Keep in mind, Thesis is made for you.

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So is this tutorial. You can take or leave recommendations as you wish. SEO traffic is nice, but raw traffic is nothing without user focus to encourage conversions and repeat visitors. The Title Tag is perhaps your most powerful friend. It is commonly offered that a Title tag ought to be roughly words. As you can see in the image, you may choose to have your site name and tagline in the title.

This will only occur on your home page based on this Thesis option. That is the first strong recommendation, unless your site name is itself a key word or phrase, very short, and correctly applies as a related term to all posts and pages on your blog or web site. Again, this is applicable here only to the home page. We shall see both the meta Title and Description again in the future area of individual posting situations, so remembering these guidelines is quite helpful. The brief reason is this deals with concepts of duplicate pages and site power-shaping, which is out of scope for this tutorial.

Make certain you have an RSS feed. If you do not have one right now, get one later and return to this area before bothering to post. Such services help ensure you correctly ping large aggregators and feed readers to more rapidly index and distribute your information.

Thesis Theme Review: Pros & Cons of Thesis Framework

Showing your feed link is a personal choice. This is a great way to begin building readership and influence. Or in other words, if you want to know how many visitors you get, from where, and for which key words and phrases, Footer Scripts is the place to get that started. Thesis handles fonts and column layouts for you — select the layout that fits your practical needs. Teasers deserve special focus in this section.

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Functionality new to Thesis 1. Depending on your writing style and the amount of dreck flooding down your sidebars, you may wish to pick among 1, 2, 3… and even zero can be a fine choice. Given a average word count, it would be our recommendation to choose 1 featured post. Keep in mind that your post will eventually reside forever on what is called a permalink.

This permalink can be very powerful over time, especially for long-tail search phrases.

How To Make a WordPress Website - Sydney Theme - 2019

If you exclusively blog, this may not be applicable, though there are exceptions. You might blog away on a variety of topics, but perhaps you want to keep the home page focused on your core service, idea, or cause. Few readers will scroll more than once or twice per page. You may rest assured the authors of this tutorial are keenly aware of their hypocrisy as you reach for your scroll wheel.

1) Begin with adding the code to add the custom post type

Including the post title is advised. Unless you invite a number of well-known guest authors or have a collaborative blog, author name is not necessary. If you have added keyword-rich descriptions to your primary categories, you may wish to enable categories.

Otherwise, it may not be worth the loss of real estate to bother. Remember, everything shown here is specific to the home page only. Thus with tags, like descriptions, use your best judgment. Did you set up tags carefully and with SEO in mind? If not, why waste space with tags showing in the teaser area? Your title and excerpt should easily convey the thematic content — and tags in such a case are redundant. If you average comments, it may not be worth the space, and there are more creative ways to poke fun at yourself than being unworthy of comment.

Will you link to the full article content? If your answer is no, you probably still hold Yahoo stock certificates. Check the dang box and move along. There are sensible arguments for and against a site-wide feature box. Thumbnails are not a major SEO interest. However, the bigger the thumbnail, the less of an excerpt text teaser you can cramp into a given area, and the excerpt can be of SEO interest.

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  • 2) Create your skin custom template;

A big thumbnail is not, in all cases, a bad thing. You may, of course, return to these sections at any time, as a key feature and benefit of Thesis is the ability to quickly modify your layout or design without massive amounts of coding or formatting by hand. You should feel a gnawing excitement at this point.

WordPress Tutorial Change Page Title in Thesis - Edit Custom Page Title - October Marketing

If not, you probably ate something in the past 12 hours. Those who have used a non-Thesis WordPress 2. Your Title — the first blank text input — is important. Very important. It is not , however, the same data field as your meta Title.

Traffic without action is meaningless. SEO often implies these acronyms as well, mostly to confuse and distract novices. In fact, this clobbering method is often a sign of spammy robo-blogs that suck. Your key terms may include mules, horses, and other domesticated animals that can be shod with metal shoes. Mule aficionados that we all now are, for our first post we will choose to create a keyword -rich, informative post about aluminum mule shoes and how to select and install them.

This word is very specific. It is primarily applicable to animals.

Great Thesis Theme Tutorial

If you compete for attainable phrases for posts over a period of several months, your content will grow — and your off-page SEO should naturally begin to increase. Over time, the same on-page SEO will begin to allow you to break into top or worthwhile rankings for ever more competitive terms.

Once your blog is ranking well in your niche, and has become an established presence within that niche, you can then begin nipping at the heels of more competitive phrases with greater success. Back on theme, we have hit the visible Title, and we now want to adjust our permalink. If you recall — pop quiz! Our beloved first-ever post will someday be bumped from the home page… but it will reside forever on our permalink, which we set here. For a link naming convention, you could go with a repeat of your title. Often it is better to review and expand or lightly modify your key terms.

Primary Sidebar

Use dashes between words — no spaces — and, as with most SEO strategies, recognize that a very long string of words here can look like spam. Spam is bad. Or rather, we shall merely say here that there are many excellent, Thesis-independent posts on writing clear, tight, and engaging marketing copy. See the end of the tutorial for other recommended links. Roughly words should be fine.