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Why must we assume that this god has some "higher" standards that it holds to its "children"? It's only in our attempts to raise our view of god to a higher level that we find we must also undermine our own shortcomings. Why can't we, as a people, undermine those short-comings ourselves, and skip this wasteful god step?


I'll tell you why it's wasteful to spend our time asking the sky for help to our problems: I firmly believe that only we can save ourselves. God is not going to do it. Have you ever prayed? I have. And I'm not sure I was doing it "right". There are always people praying. These people, of course, don't always get what they are praying for, but they occasionally do.

They think that since they have, occasionally, gotten what they've prayed for before, that it'll work in the future, at least some of the time. It's like playing solitaire: you win every now and then, and it has nothing to do with some higher power watching over your shoulder, it has to do only with the randomness of the cards, and to an extent, your own common sense at playing the game. I propose that people should use that common sense and use their own abilities to get things done. These people never seem to consider that everything is in either their own capacity to accomplish or in the hands of chance.

For many people, chance is god. How inane a thing it is to not recognize randomness. All the time people spend praying and such can be used to exercise their own abilities to save the human race.

Research Paper Thesis for Dummies

Instead of cowering in fear behind society's problems and asking for some "all-powerful" god to intervene, we should take matters into our own hands and get it done! Now that I have taken my life out of god's care, I control my own destiny. I am my own keeper. If I want to protect the planet from deforestation I don't pray to god to stop it or to kill all loggers it's funny how people think god will violate its own morals for them. I go out and promote alternative uses of the environment. I teach understanding of the environment.

I become an activist. It is so simple, yet many people are so overwhelmed by everything that they think that the only way to make change or improve their lives is through an entity that must be superior to them. Instead of saying "Well, god willing", and throwing caution to the wind literally , use the brain in your head and make it happen. No god is up there granting permissions to some people's ideas and not other's! I find it amusing that the most intelligent and self-aware creatures on planet Earth are the ones who feel most out of control with their lives.

How arrogant can the Christian be to think that he is made in the image of a god?

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A bit ego-centric aren't we? I don't mean to be sarcastic, but really! I think that if the thought ever crossed his mind that he was created, the most obvious thing that he would think was that someone or something wanted him to look like that. Thus, using his excessively large mind?

Does this seem unrealistic? He merely put himself in god's shoes a dangerous thing to do , and thought of what it would have done. Arrogance brought him to that conclusion, as it brought him to many other weakly-thought-through conclusions. So many things exist within Christianity that appear to be merely what a human would decide, not an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving deity. Many things are written in the Bible that are so obviously from a human's mind-- a human's mind unmolested by a higher-being. It contains many things that would constitute good guidelines for living, but for the most part it's bunk.

Definitions of Research Paper Thesis

Not only is it bunk, it's dangerous bunk: "The Bible is one of the most genocidal books in history", writes Noam Chomksy, noted linguist and dissenter. So much of the Bible is merely stories, fables, traditions, legends, or whatnot passed along from generation to generation. Sorry, but I don't want to get off on that track again; the Bible simply cannot be respected as an authoritative source for anything. Thus using it to promote one's own ends are laughable and horridly flawed in reasoning.

Yet, ego-centrism doesn't really employ reasoning, does it? I now wish to state my displeasure at the amount of control that I feel the church and other religious institutions have over people. Without digressing too much on the subject of leaders claiming to speak for a god, I wish to explain how these leaders abuse such power. I accept that god does not exist, yet for many people a god does exist and a common way that they interact with that god is by other humans.

These humans have an enormous amount of responsibility and should be very careful not to become negligent in their roles. For many of these leaders they actually believe in the role they play, and they feel that they are catalysts for communicating with a god. I am not going to say that these leaders are automatically crazy most are not , they are simply believing under false pretense and as far as they know, are acting honestly. Even so, I want to illustrate how leaders continually and inexcusably abuse their roles as spiritual advisors, leaders, etc.

Try to convince me that Jerry Falwell, Randall Terry, Pat Robertson, and Billy Graham have not abused their power for their own personal benefit and enrichment.

40 Religion Research Paper Topics - A Research Guide for Students

The history of the church is replete with abuses by Popes, who not only claim to speak for god, but are supposedly chosen by god. So, why is it that countless of Popes through the history of the Roman Catholic Church were no better than fascist dictators?

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And I don't mean in puny ways, like holding down the advancement of women, attempting to convert "infidels" by force, or other "minor" crimes. In church courts, canon law was followed, and in many scandalous cases, priests were killed. All the popes were Italian how did that happen? Does god only like Italians?! Indulgences were pardons or retrieves given to forgive one of sins-- for a price, of course. This is all before the time of Luther's reforms. Before the reforms Papal authority reigned supreme, not any god. So, did the Popes still abuse power after the reforms?

Well, indulgences didn't take place. Many things were challenged by Luther and his followers, yet the church read: the Pope didn't accept them. After the time of these reforms, war ensued in Europe. Calvinists, Catholics, and Lutherans all duked it out. Who knows why? All I know and care is that most of it was all out of arrogance.

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All three Christian groups couldn't stand the idea of someone not believing in a god and Jesus Christ the same way they did. That, a lot of political reasons that always got blown out of proportion , and money. Money to be earned by followers.

The more followers, the more income to that church sect. Simple and common goal: get more followers, and the leaders will have more wealth. People would argue that the leaders of the sects at least Luther, Zwingli, Calvin had more divine goals; yet I argue that in the back of their minds, they had egos.

Egos fueled by more followers and more power. Power corrupts, I don't care how divine someone thinks they are. Missionaries to the world were dispatched to poorer regions of the world.

How to Write a Solid Thesis Statement

The people in these lands were "educated" in the ways of Christianity, and specifically Catholicism. I have, numerous times. Yet, it's not too tough to figure out why I guarantee you that all the indigenous Indians weren't sitting around reading the Bible and were suddenly "enlightened". They were beaten in to utter submission by army after army.