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There is no obligation to choose from which lab you will write your work, as long as you have sufficient data for a thesis. Note however, if you change labs late without sufficient data for a thesis, you will be obligated to do a 5th year to complete your thesis and research work. Pursuing a 5th year delays the timeline of deadlines to the following year, in which case you will participate in the process as normal.

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Much of the thesis will be vetted and a significant portion will have already been written by the time the final draft is due in your final year of medical school. Constructive feedback is given to help address any significant issues or problems with the work. It is very important to also check-in with your advisor, who will need to read the material in detail prior to submission.


Any new work can have a new PI as the advisor. Skip to main content.

Main Menu Utility Menu Search. HST MD students are required to become actively involved in independent research under the direction of a faculty member.

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Students are also encouraged to slow the rate of progress through the formal curriculum and take an extra year in order to devote more time to research. As a requirement for graduation, every HST student must present evidence of original, scholarly and creative work in the form of a thesis based on laboratory research or clinical investigation.

Once the thesis evaluation reports have been received, the student may defend the thesis. However, the student may decide, in consultation with the thesis supervisor s , to amend the thesis before defending it. If the latter option is selected, the student must enrol to make the amendments and resubmit the thesis for evaluation. Typically, your defence will take place within 3 months of submitting.

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Each participant examiners, supervisor s and student will be polled for their availability. The Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office will set the date of the oral defence among the options identified in the poll when all participants can attend the event in person.

These credits do not apply for revised theses. The student must be enrolled for one term during this day period. Please note that our office will be closed on Wednesday, October 16, from 1 to 2 pm. For emergencies, please contact your program director. Contact the University. Jump to Main Content Jump to Navigation. Login uoZone Brightspace VirtuO. Search uOttawa.

PhD Thesis Project Award

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Thesis Supervision - Medicine Department - UAB Barcelona

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all the program requirements are met before submitting their thesis. Doctoral students must submit their research topic before the end of the third semester of enrolment Academic Regulation II-7 - Theses , Article 7. Each project has Research Topics and Supervisors subsections. Research Paper Guidelines. Writing of the Thesis A thesis is a significant original body of work produced by a student during his or her studies at the University.

How to write a Doctoral Thesis

Thesis type A thesis must assume one of the following formats: a monograph, or a thesis in the form of one or more articles prepared for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Additional information on writing a thesis as a series of articles Writing a thesis as a series of articles also known as paper-based is a possible thesis style in all programs. Review articles cannot count towards the required number of articles. The student must have made substantive contributions to each manuscript.

The student must have contributed significantly to the writing of each manuscript i. A Progress Report will be required to enable future enrollment after that point a hold will result. PhD Thesis and defence Thesis formalities.

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Thesis format: Synopsis or monograph. A PhD thesis should preferably be written in English, and can be written as either a synopsis or a monograph. Synopsis The synopsis is typically pages long, but there are no specific requirements concerning the number of pages. Monograph The monograph is typically pages long, but the number of pages can vary.

The monograph should include the following elements: Summaries in Danish and English Objectives Description of the research project placed in the context of international state-of the-art research within the subject area Description of the research carried out including materials, methods and results Discussion of results Conclusions and perspectives for further research References. Thesis frontpage layout.

Declaration of co-authorship.