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It relates the story how Ram conquered Ravan- the victory of good over evil. It teaches us that we should obey our parents. We should love our younger ones.

My Favourite Book - Words | Bartleby

We should have high moral character. We should never break our promise. Like Bharat, we should respect and love elder brother and we should not take away the right of an elder brother. Like Lakshman, we should be dutiful should have extreme love for each other. We should not be selfish like Kaikeyi.

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We should not believe in what other people say. She is the dutiful wife of Ram.

It gave a larger perspective into the wizarding world. One of the things which excite me the most about this book is the introduction of the other wizard schools.

My Favourite Book Essay

The concept of the Tri-wizard tournament is one of the most brilliant pieces I have come across in the Harry Potter series. In addition, this book also contains some of my favourite characters.

The aura and personality of that character described by Rowling are simply brilliant. Further, it made me become a greater fan of the series. Get the huge list of more than Essay Topics and Ideas. Even though the books are about the world of wizards and magic, the Harry Potter series contains a lot of lessons for young people to learn. Firstly, it teaches us the importance of friendship. I have read many books but never come across a friendship like that of Harry, Hermoine, and Ron. These three musketeers stuck together throughout the books and never gave up.

It taught me the value of a good friend.

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Further, the series of Harry Potter taught me that no one is perfect. Everyone has good and evil inside them. We are the ones who choose what we wish to be. This helped me in making better choices and becoming a better human being. We see how the most flawed characters like Snape had goodness inside them. Similarly, how the nicest ones like Dumbledore had some bad traits. This changed my perspective towards people and made me more considerate.

Finally, these books gave me hope. I enjoy reading good books particularly novels, short stories, plays, etc. Narayan, Arundhathi Roy, Salman Rushdie, etc. The book is a touching description of the lives of the slum-dwellers of Kolkata. The street-urchins, cycle-rickshaw pullers, city-vendors, coolies, pimps, ordinary men and women are the heroes and heroines of this story.

Their lives, their joys and suffering and their pitiable existence are vividly painted by the author. It is the story of the most unwanted people of the society.