The objectivist nexus essays in cultural poetics

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  1. The Objectivist Nexus: Essays in Cultural Poetics
  2. Objectivism (poetry)

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The Objectivist Nexus: Essays in Cultural Poetics

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Pages Published online: 03 Aug Theodor W. Adorno, Minima Moralia , trans.

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Objectivism (poetry)

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Textual Practice Volume 26, - Issue 4. Thus, argue editors Rachel Blau DuPlessis and Peter Quartermain, the time has come for an anthology that unites essential works on Objectivist practices and presents Objectivist writing as an enlargement of the possibilities of poetry rather than as a determinable and definable literary movement. The authors' collective aim is to bring attention to this group of poets and to exemplify and specify cultural readings for poetic texts--readings alert to the material world, politics, society, and history, and readings concerned with the production, dissemination, and reception of poetic texts.

The essays insist on poetry as a mode of thought; analyze and evaluate Objectivist politics; focus on the ethical, spiritual, and religious issues raised by certain Objectivist affiliations with Judaism; and explore the dissemination of poetic texts and the vagaries of Objectivist reception. Running throughout the book are two related threads: Objectivist writing as generally a practice aware of its own historical and social contingency and Objectivist writing as a site of complexity, contestation, interrogation, and disagreement.

The objectivist nexus : essays in cultural poetics.